D&O Lighting SoftBox for LED Light Panel Studio Lighting 21.75 x 17 x 6.25 INCHES

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D&O Lighting SoftBox


Polyester Fabric

Custom Fit for 180W LED Panels

Dim: L21 3/4" x W17" x H6 1/4"in. (L55.25cm x W43.18cm x H15.88cm)

Light Damper Reduces Light Leakage

Easy Assemble Magnetic Poles

Easy Assemble Elastic Straps

Photography Grade Diffusion Materials

Use Case:

You would want to use this Softbox if you were looking to add a softer glare to your lighting setup. If you have two lights and you prefer to use one as a key light and one as a filler, you may use the Softbox on the filler, to bring the light level down significantly.


One-Year Warranty

D&O Lighting warrants its products against defects from manufactured materials for a period of one (1) year. During this period, D&O Lighting will repair or replace a defective unit without charge to the customer for manufacturing-related defects. The warranty does not cover replacement or repair of units that are defective as a result of the customer's mishandling or mistreatment leading to product's damage. Warranty becomes void after one (1) year after purchase date. Our one (1) year Warranty is not transferable, and not renewable. Customer agrees that warranty comes as part of the purchase and can not be extended for any reason beyond one (1) year from purchase date.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark Shoemaker
I think the light puts out a beautiful light but the fixtures and the hardware on the light are c...

The quality of the light comes out of the fixture is great. But the hardware that holds the yolk to the pan for this light stand is super Duper flimsy.

Stephen Dean
Excellent quality and travels well

Great diffusion soft boxes that are well made and a great design. These soft boxes will fit other brands of lights than what is specified and are very professional in appearance and form factor. Packs away with ease and saves space.

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