180W BiColor LED

There’s bright, then there’s D&O bright

180W 2GEN appears with about 32000lux in half a meter(1.64ft), which is almost  equal to a traditional 1000W tungsten. In half a meter, while the aperture is 32.6, the shutter is 24f/s, and the ISO is 800.

Seamless Color Temperature Control

Our LCD screen enables filmmakers to register in-use settings for the purposes of mimicking that perfect ambiance on future sets. The color temperature can be controlled and adjusted using our new remote control console

Durable and Professional-Grade Materials

Assembled from a unique blend of steel and aluminum, D&O guarantees filmmakers one of the most durable, high-performance LED lights available today. We’ve also said goodbye to fans and hello to heat sinks because…noise! From gaffers to set lighting technicians, this LED panel is an absolute joy to work with on set and simply will not let you down.

Sleek, Minimalist Design

We take pride in the continuous design and improvement on design of our 180W Bi-Color LED light series. This light is the second generation in a long line of quality, film and broadcasting lights with superior durability, sleek efficient design, and a simplicity yet to be rivalled by our competition.

Exceptional Light Efficiency

The 180W 2GEN maintains industry-leading CRI, and a brand new D&O SoftBox to our ever-increasing line of products that are built and designed with the sole purpose of adding continued value to the success and growth of the filmmaking community.

The 180W 2GEN is comprised of depressed led chips with advanced LED chip technology, carefully designed and manufactured to reach a CRI value of ~97, creating a more natural light.

Custom Selected Removable Diffuser

D&O Lighting engineers tested 100 models of diffusion material over more than 4000 hours to select the most suitable diffuser for our 180W Bi-Color LED. The diffuser has a custom dual surface diffusion technique which involves both a smooth side and an opaque surface, and is non-ageing, acid-free and reuse-able with low opacity so effective diffusion angles are covered far more than the previous filter. The transmittance of the diffusing paper is about 85percent and a 180-degree effective diffusion angle.

Barn Doors Included

Our adjustable and removable Barn Doors play a key role in the direction of the light beam, cutting back on shadows in the transition areas and affording filmmakers greater control over light sculpting. When placed in our padded LED case, the Barn Doors provide added protection for the LED when you’re on the move!

Unique Light Control with LCD Display

The 180W 2GEN unique light control design paves the way for a simpler design. With such a simple design, it greatly reduces the light’s complexity, and consoles that can break and malfunction. For now, you will see that your light is going to last you far longer than any leading LED products currently on the market due to a simple and powerful control unit integrated in the light.

Tri-Power Solutions

Three methods can be used to power the 180W 2GEN for both indoor and location shooting:.  A D&O Lighting V-Mount battery, a 4-Pin XLR cable, or a Neutrik type A/C power cable can be used for indoor, and location shooting.

Wireless Control

The 180W 2GEN can be controlled by a wireless controller. This controller allows you to remotely power on/off your unit, change brightness, color temperature, and 3 presets (3200,4500,5600K).