The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Camera Battery for a Professional Photographers. 4 THINGS TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING THE BEST CAMERA BATTERY.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Camera Battery for a Professional Photographers. 4 THINGS TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING THE BEST CAMERA BATTERY.

Are you looking for a Camera battery that is just right for you, but can't seem to find one that fits your budget? Have you ever searched for reliable camera batteries on the web, and found yourself clicking on page after page of cheap untrustworthy no-name brands, where your only alternative is a crazy expensive brand-name product. We have too... Have you begun to wonder where does quality end and value begin? Has this held you back from making an educated decision? Maybe yes, maybe no. For those who have sed YES, we have some answers for you!

Here are four things to look for when buying the best camera battery for your buck:


The product warranty will tell you how confident a manufacturer is in their product. Manufactures that offer 2 or 3-year warranty policies have confidence in their products because they know the products will last. Avoid products that have less than 12 months of warranty. These products are designed to fail early – whether it is intentional or not, we don’t know, but either way, this is a red flag! Just in case you were wondering, D&O Lighting has a lifetime warranty on all products that we sell.


A battery pack’s reliability starts with the cells that are used Panasonic/Sanyo, Sony, Samsung(recently), and LG(recently) all have good reputations and are generally considered top-tier quality cells. If a battery manufacturer doesn’t share info on their cell maker, they could be taking precautionary measures but most reputable brands will PROMOTE who they are using. So if there is something to hide, red flag! D&O Lighting battery cells are Samsung cells, so you know right away where our battery cells stand in terms of reputation.


Building a battery pack with balanced cells is key to longevity and reliability. If the battery manufacturer is using imbalanced, off the shelf cells, the battery pack will have a short life. Reputable brands will always purchase cells direct from the cell maker to minimize the negative effects of imbalanced cells. Be sure to buy battery packs from manufacturers that promote the fact that they have balanced cells in their packs.


It’s inevitable that a product will fail to a certain degree; whether it’s defective, damaged, or simply exhausted from age, something will go wrong – and of course, failures always occur at the worst times but I digress. Having the option to speak with the manufacturer’s representatives or a network of authorized dealers from virtually anywhere in the world to trouble shoot your issues is a major benefit that very few manufactures offer.  Manufacturers or authorized dealers thereof that can offer loaners while your gear is being repaired is a huge bonus! After all, you can’t complete your job without functioning tools!  

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Clay - March 15, 2023

I bought my BP-C130 BATTERY in 2019 and it’s not working. Can it be repaired or replaced what are my options. Please contact me Thank you.

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