D&O Lighting Achievements! D&O Lighting Proud Sponsor of Indian Film Festival Cincinnati 2017 (IFFC2017)

D&O Lighting Achievements! D&O Lighting Proud Sponsor of Indian Film Festival Cincinnati 2017 (IFFC2017)

D&O Lighting is a proud sponsor of the Indian Film Festival Cincinnati 2017. Every year the IFFC celebrates the budding and ever-growing Indian Film industry with up and coming directors, actors, producers both in the US and India. This year D&O Lighting was privileged to be a sponsor for IFFC 2017 and we could not resist getting in the spotlight to say a few things about the festival as well as D&O Lighting.


In this video, you see John, our Co-Founder in a short interview with a reporter at the Indian Film Festival Cincinnati.





Reporter: Hi we’re at the Indian Film Festival in Cincinnati and I’m here with John from D&O Lighting, he’s one of our sponsors this evening. Can you tell us what you’re most excited about for this festival?

John: Yeah I think I’m most excited just about it’s the second year of the festival and really seeing the growth in year two and all the energy that everyone has put into it. It is so exciting this year, they have 20 plus films, the topics are incredibly diverse and interesting. So really excited overall about the progress and the growth and to see some excellent films this year.

Reporter: And we’re so excited to have one of our sponsors here with us, can you tell us a little bit about D&O Lighting?

John: We provide mostly batteries and lighting equipment. We’re really excited about some new lines of lighting that we’re launching this year, and we mainly sell the studio lighting type of lights that you see here in the festival, but also any type of battery power needs as well.

Reporter: Amazing, thank you so much for popping by and answering a few questions with us, we’re glad to have you here tonight. 

John: Great to be here.

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