D&O Lighting Lithium Ion Battery used with RED Digital Cinema Camera

How to Power Series: ARRI ALEXA Mini


The ARRI ALEXA Mini manages to pack a surprising level of versatility into such a small package. It’s compact, lightweight, and self-contained, but that’s just the start.
The symmetry of design allows filming in any orientation, and switching from upside down into portrait and back again is a breeze. Multiple accessory ports deliver an unprecedented level of creative mounting opportunities.
In-box you will find an array of interchangeable lens mounts providing a huge amount of compatibility, including B4 video, EF mount stills lenses, as well as ARRI Signature Primes when using the ALEXA Mini’s LPL mount.
The latest in optics technology, coupled with cutting edge manufacturing techniques give us the ARRI Alura 18-80mm T2.6 lens. A small form factor, weight, and price make this zoom lens the perfect companion to the ARRI Alexa Mini.   
Take your pick between Studio zooms for shooting with a tripod or crane and take advantage of a wider focal range, or reduce your focal range and gain the advantage of a smaller and lighter setup.





You have an almost limitless range of options when choosing how to rig your camera. If you’re looking to create cinematics on a budget, the following setup will provide the best bang for your dollars, especially if weight factors into your decision. 
While it might be budget-friendly, it’s still one of our favorite setups.


Battery Power – D&O Lighting V-Mount Batteries


The desire to create the most reliable and longest-lasting batteries in their class has given us the D&O Lighting batteries – capable of delivering a sustained 12A current to even the most demanding of LED lighting and cameras running on 14.4V.  
Arri Alexa Minis draw around 60 watts, so the D&O Lighting 190Wh batteries make the perfect compact power source. They are available in both Gold Mount and V-mount and in 95Wh and 190Wh variants.


How to Mount the D&O Lighting Battery

Running the Alexa Mini from a Gold Mount or V-mount is a straightforward procedure with D&O Lighting batteries, when using D&O Lighting’s dedicated brackets for camera batteries.

  • The V-mount solution requires a V-mount adapter

  • The Gold Mount Solution uses a V-Mount to Gold adapter


How to Charge a D&O Lighting Battery


D&O Lighting chargers provide the perfect charging solution. These deliver fast charging for two to four batteries simultaneously. Energy wastage is kept to a minimum and battery life is  extended to reduce the total cost of ownership.

Camera Supports

Fluid Head:

The Sachtler Cine 7 + 7 HD Fluid head is the perfect solution for those working with lighter film setups. Take advantage of a more compact 100 mm fluid head when working with the established cine-features of big Sachtler heads. The Cine 7 + 7 also provides drag properties, a wide load ranger, Speedbalance technology, optimum front swivel arms, and a  side load function.



Flowtech’s ™ award-winning tripod technology helps to create a seamless workflow with quick release brakes for almost instant adjustments. An ergonomic carbon fiber leg makes the unit easy to transport while also delivering superb torsional stiffness. Capturing extreme low and high shots is a breeze with Flowtech’s ™ unique and versatile hinge lock mechanism. Extensive endurance and environmental testing mean that the Flowtech ™ 100 is a tripod you can rely on for precision, even under heavier payloads of up to 30kg (66lb).


LED Lighting


D&O Lighting 180W


Enjoy a pleasingly wide soft source for accurate color illumination from the D&O Lighting 180W LED panel. 180Ws are known for delivering full-spectrum Daylight and Tungsten lighting and the Gemini doesn’t disappoint.


Easily switch between full-featured lighting modes to get the effects you need. Full-color hue and saturation allow for precision intensity control from anywhere between 100%-0 whenever you need it.


Stacking Kit:


Creating a larger source of light has never been easier than with the D&O Lighting Dual Frame allowing giving you the ability to connect two light sources together as one.  It’s the quality you’re used to, over a much wider area.


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