How to Power Series: RED Camera

The brand RED Camera has manufactured a number of popular power-sucking cameras, including the RED Epic-W, RED Scarlet-W, RED Weapon. While the Red Bricks are a decent, V-mount option, we endeavor to offer some other V-Mount solutions, ones that concentrate on both electrical and mechanical design. The D&O Lighting series’ was developed specifically for RED Cameras (BP-95S). It was designed to be compact and sleek. It also leverages the power capability of D&O Lighting’s Batteries in a reliable way and does so in a way that makes it safe for air travel.

We will begin with a short description describing what every D&O Lighting battery pack is comprised of. The Samsung ICR18650-22V found in D&O Lighting’s battery packs are considered to be one of (if not) the industry’s best Li-Ion Cells. They are strong enough to power an electric BMW vehicle. As such, powering a camera won’t be an issue! The D&O Lighting Cell was designed to sustain and handle power draws that are significantly high. The cells contained in BP-95S is able to endure as much as 8A (10A Peak) for prolonged durations, but not at the expense of service life. Also, the cells contained in the D&O Lighting’s larger BP-190S is able to withstand as much as a 12A draw. The cells in each pack are encased in a high-tech, non-slip, and over-molded polymer/rubber case to safeguard them from certain impacts, accidental or otherwise.

Are you concerned about a self-discharge during downtime? Inside each battery pack is a clocking algorithm, one that is impressively smart. As such, the battery will either hibernate or sleep when motion isn’t detected or the battery isn’t being used after a certain amount of time. Also, the D&O Lighting brick goes into a “storage mode” automatically, preventing batteries from being drained when placed in storage. Customers are encouraged to deplete batteries to a level of 2 bars, as indicated on its power indicator if they are putting them away for longer than a month.

Each model has a power tap integrated into them, which are unregulated. You’ll be able to power up any kind of 12-16.8vdc device.

You may be wondering how the D&O Lighting battery packs communicate with the DSMC2 RED Camera. Well, the new DSMC2 cameras; RED Weapon, RED Raven, RED Scarlet-W, RED Epic-W… is able to communicate with just about all of the V-Mount D&O Lighting models. Best of all, the battery packs don’t just communicate with cameras directly – they also display the specific percentage of capacity that remains for the camera’s VF/LCD.

If you own a DSMC/DSMC2 camera; RED Epic Dragon, RED Scarlet Dragon, be mindful that each battery pack will be compatible (assuming you own the right battery plate and 4-Pin XLR cable to power up a DSMC/DSMC2 camera). If weight, and compact form are important (Gimbal, UAV) to you, pick an option from the D&O Lighting 95Wh series, as they are air travel-friendly.

Do you require more power? Have a look at the D&O Lighting 190Wh series, which pairs two 95Wh, two-part design. Many D&O Lighting Packs come in V-mount and Gold-Mount. Therefore, no matter what type of mount plate* your battery has, you will be covered by D&O Lighting!

*Based on the wiring your mount plate has, you might see the percentage of battery life on the EVF/LCD of the RED Camera. However, if the mounting plate isn’t wired to communicate with a smart battery, the voltage readings are the only things you will receive.

Don’t worry if you lack the correct wiring for your mount plate. You can still get whatever battery percentage remains from the DSMC/DSMC2 Camera, as that is the purpose of the D&O Lighting Battery series. This is particularly true when a D&O Lighting battery (BP-190SBP-190ABP-95S) battery communicates the remaining battery percentage to both the DSMC and DSMC2 camera’s LCD/VF.

All D&O Lighting battery V-mount packs are compatible with all sorts of chargers, letting you optimize a charger’s service life if you’re already the owner of a V-mount or D-Tap charger.

If you don’t already own a RED charger, a D&O Lighting charger is an excellent choice. If you are looking for a nice and compact travel charger, the D&O Lighting Dual D-Tap Travel Charger will do the trick. It will charge up to two 95Wh packs in about 5 hours.

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